Destiny 2 Will Be Under Maintenance for Over 12 Hours on November 9

Destiny 2 is getting prepared for the start of a new generation soon.

Bungie will shut down the servers of Destiny 2 for over 12 hours from November 9 to apply the latest patches to the game and bring update available for players on November 10th.

On November 10th, Destiny 2 Beyond Light will be available across all current-gen and next-gen platforms except for PS5. The game is a launch title for Xbox Series X | S and will be available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers for free on any platform.

In a recent tweet, Bungie officially announced that update for Destiny 2 will be available on November 10 at 12 PM PST, but the game will be under maintenance for over 12 hours as of November 9 at 7 PM PST. The developer warned players that they might face some sign-in issues in the first hours of the update’s launch. The total file size of the update has not been revealed yet.

This update will add Beyond Light content to Destiny 2, which will be available for free through Xbox Game Pass, but the visual enhancements for the next-gen versions of the game will be available sometime in December this year.

Beyond Light is the first episode of the four content updates that Bungie revealed back in Summer this year. The game is currently available for free across all platforms, but PlayStation users will have to pay for the Beyond Light DLC to be able to experience the new content.

The developers behind Destiny 2 have created a long-lasting road-map for the game in the coming years, and it seems we are currently far away from the third entry of the Destiny series.

More news will be shared about the technical improvements of Destiny 2 as soon as we get closer to December 8, the day that visual enhancement updates of the game will be released for Xbox Series X and PS5.

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