Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition Demo Brings 10 Hours of Gameplay, Out Now

Square Enix has released Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition demo on the PlayStation Store.

The demo will allow you to play through the game’s opening chapters. That’s about 10 hours of gameplay, depending on your play style. Player progress will carry over to the full game when it’s out in December.

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Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition‘s demo comes with new features including photo mode, ability to speed up battles, orchestral in-game music as standard, and much more. Square Enix also teased rewards for players who beat the demo. “Let’s just say you’ll earn a few useful items when you transfer your save data,” wrote the publisher.

An official overview is as follows:

To be frank, calling this a demo is kind of underselling it. The download lets you play through the entirety of the opening chapters – a gargantuan chunk of game that could take you around 10 hours, depending on how you play.

This is a good thing, because you’ll be able to get a sense of how DRAGON QUEST XI’s story unfolds. The game starts with your floppy-haired hero and his childhood friend Gemma climbing Cobblestone Tor – a ceremony that marks their ascent into adulthood. 

Things don’t go according to plan, and in the ensuing chaos, the Hero discovers that he has hidden power – and a destiny that can’t be avoided. He sets off for the city of Heliodor, to speak to the King and learn more about his newfound abilities.

Those who wish to play Dragon Quest XI in Japanese can do so now as Square Enix has added a full Japanese voice-over.

[Source: Square Enix]

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