Patches Continue to Improve Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

The latest patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC fixes some of the game’s standout graphical issues

Since its launch on PC this past August, Horizon Zero Dawn has had some unfortunate technical difficulties. From the get-go, the game had stability issues, different graphics settings didn’t function properly, it was a mess compared to its PS4 counterpart. Thanks to a number of patches and updates, the number of issues has come down, but there is still a number to go. That being said, the latest patch for Horizon Zero Dawn drastically lowers the number of serious fixes the game desperately needs.

The full list of patch notes, which can be viewed on developer Guerrilla Games’ site here, boils down to a decently sized list of graphical fixes, along with the introduction of some new problems. Starting on the good side of things, anisotropic filtering and motion blur finally work correctly, although players will probably want to turn the second of those off.

Another improvement comes in the form of the removal of a mandatory shader optimization process when first launching the game. When I reviewed Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, this process actually caused my game to crash and slowed down my entire computer until I was able to force close it, so seeing it go away is pretty fantastic. From here on, shaders will be pre-optimized in the game’s menu, but will also change dynamically in-game.

Of course, patch notes for Horizon Zero Dawn wouldn’t be complete without some new issues to list off. Players with high-end 16 core CPUs might end up with unstable performance in-game, and those with HDR enabled may not see any actual difference.

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