Walmart Announces New Wave of PS5 Consoles Will be Up For Sale Throughout Release Day

PS5 consoles are going to be up for sale nearly all day over at Walmart one week from today on November 12.

PlayStation announced this morning that you won’t be seeing any PS5 consoles sitting on store shelves this time next week. With the move to all PS5 units being sold online rather than in-store, however, the question still remained with whether or not retailers would have more consoles to sell on launch day. Fortunately, it looks like that will indeed be the case.

Retail storefront Walmart revealed this afternoon that it will have PS5 consoles going up for sale on its website all throughout the platform’s launch date of November 12. Walmart says it will be making new units available over the course of the day in three-hour increments starting at 12:00pm EST. It hasn’t been said how many consoles will be available in total throughout next Thursday, but this is definitely a welcome development for those who still haven’t locked-in a pre-order.

Considering that Walmart already has a plan like this at the ready, it stands to reason that other storefronts will be doing something similar. As of this writing, other notable chains like Target, Best Buy, and Amazon haven’t announced plans like this of their own, but if we hear anything from each of them in the coming days, we’ll keep you in the loop.

At the end of the day, though, communication is key when it comes to this next wave of PS5s that will be for sale. Considering how botched PlayStation 5 sales were in the pre-order period, hopefully, prospective purchasers of the console will be able to put in some sort of plan of action this time around.

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