How To Watch The Lelouch 2020 Birthday & Reveal Stream

Special Code Geass stream coming December 5, 2020 will celebrate the birthday of protagonist Lelouch and reveal the series’ next project.

December 5, 2020 marks the birthday of Code Geass protagonist Lelouch, and Sunrise will be holding a special live stream for the occasion. The Code Geass New Project Reveal stream is happening at 0600 ET (Click here for a time zone conversion table). The stream will be on YouTube.

The latest big Code Geass project is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, a movie which released in February 2019 in Japan. This new stream should be revealing a sequel. We don’t know yet what form it’ll take, whether it’ll be a TV series or another movie. And it’s unlikely the first announcement will precise as much.

For the occasion, Japanese band FLOW, who handled multiple Code Geass theme songs including first OP Colors (JIBUN WO), shared a photo of themselves cosplaying Zero.

FLOW is made of singer Keigo, singers and guitarists Kohshi and TAKE. Bassist and singer Got’s, And drummer Iwasaki. The five man band knows how to have fun and share it:

While Code Geass is regularly featured in Super Robot Wars, it’s been a while since the series got a game. I wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement on that front came soon. Earlier this year, Lelouch also got to pilot a new Gundam Wing Zero in his colors.

Be sure to check the #ルルーシュ生誕祭2020 tag on Twitter for your dose of fanart and cosplay. A new official artwork for Lelouch was published by the official Code Geass Twitter account:

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