Radio Telescope That Inspired Battlefield 4 Map Experiences Levolution

The Arecibo Array in Puerto Rico, a site that inspired the Battlefield 4 map Rogue Transmission, collapsed on December 1.

For those that played on them, the maps in Battlefield 4 were iconic. They were large, sprawling playgrounds that players could blow up, skydive through and make their own Battlefield moments in. But the standout feature of the maps in Battlefield 4 was their levolutions. This made-up term defines the massive changes each map could go through when something gets blown up or if the weather decided to take an especially nasty turn. Ironically, one of the real-life inspirations for a map in Battlefield 4 experienced its own levolution on the first of December.

Players may remember Rogue Transmission, one of the larger maps in Battlefield 4 that centers around a massive radio telescope. In the game, this map is set in the Guizhou Province of China. In reality, the map is based on the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

Just a few days ago, Arecibo’s 900-ton equipment platform — that massive thing dangling some 500 feet above the dish — collapsed. The last of the platform’s functioning support cables finally gave out, crashing the platform down on the disc below it. Nobody was hurt in the crash, according to an NPR report on the matter.

As unfortunate as it is that a massive scientific icon has been destroyed, the similarities between this accident and the levolution from Battlefield 4 are undeniable. footage of the Arecibo Observatory’s collapse can be found below.

During its nearly 60 years in service, the Arecibo Observatory was an important tool for scientists studying radio astronomy and atmospheric science. Outside of its scientific uses, the enormous facility was also used as a setpiece in the James Bond movie GoldenEye.

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