Dragon Age 4 Could Be Set in Tevinter According to Bioware’s Artbook

The story also looks to continue on from the events of Inquisition and Trespasser.

Back in December 2020, BioWare showcased a new trailer for Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards which gave fans a cinematic look at the upcoming game. And now, it seems as if the setting of the game had been revealed through an artbook titled, Bioware: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development.

The official book came out back in November 2020, and Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips picked it up and rummaged through the pages. Within the book, the locations for Dragon Age 4 appear to be confirmed. It looks as if the game will be mostly set in Tevinter.

On the page in the embedded tweet below, the headline reads, “Tevinter bound” and is a “sneak peek at the follow-up to Inquisition.”  Dragon Age Inquisition was released in 2014 and the third installment in the franchise. The artbook notes that the fourth game was codenamed ‘Morrison’ and would be taking players to Tevinter. Its story would follow the events of the third game and the DLC Trespasser

To go more into detail on the locations, the artbook hints at other locations coming into play that surround Tevinter. Antiva City is one, and there are references to the skeletal Mourn Watch who “hang out in a Necropolis.”

There’s also references to The Lords of Fortune guild that was originally founded in Rivain that’s near Tevinter, and The Deep Roads, dwarven tunnels that cover all of the game’s world, Thedas. If this area and it’s surrounding locations are all included in the upcoming release, then players can expect to explore a load of new areas in the Dragon Age universe.

Eurogamer does point out that the Trespasser DLC set up the next game’s setting, although no confirmation had been given that anything mentioned here would indeed be arriving in the game. While the book released in November 2020, in December last year Mark Darrah and Casey Hudson left BioWare, with the game now being led by Christian Dailey.

In August 2020 BioWare released a video giving an update on the game’s development, which showed some engine footage of the game. Although nothing concrete on what we can expect to see when it does eventually release. The team has also been working from home given the pandemic.

And on that note, no release date has been confirmed, although publisher EA has suggested that we can expect a 2022 launch. Given the unconfirmed release date, we can likely expect to see the game heading to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S.