Super Nintendo World Opening Indefinitely Delayed

Universal Studios Japan sincerely apologised for the delay in opening.

It was only a couple of months ago when Nintendo confirmed the opening date of February 4, for the new Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. Unfortunately, however, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic and rising infection rates in Japan, the park’s opening has been delayed indefinitely.

In a message on the Universal Studios Japan website, they say that the opening will be postponed until the state of emergency in the Osaka Prefecture is lifted. Once the park gets the green light to open, they state that they will still have to “significantly limit the number of visitors.” Universal Studios Japan then goes on to sincerely apologise for the delay in opening.

Despite some disappointment, this is definitely the right move. There has been a concerning rise in COVID cases across Japan over the last few weeks which has led to a state of emergency being declared over many parts of the country. There have also been calls for the Olympic Games, which were initially due to be held last year, to be postponed once again.

Although the park is currently facing difficulties, once it is safe to do so, it will open in an exciting way. Nintendo, with the help of the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, gave fans a tour of the park in a recent Super Nintendo World Direct. The video showed off a range of attraction including the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, a range of gift shops and Kinopio’s Cafe, a Toad themed restaurant.

Following the Direct, Nintendo also shared the new Super Nintendo World website. The site features new details about the park and an interactive map that gives viewers a closer look at the Mario-themed experience.

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