Three Houses in Fake Gameplay Screenshots

The main protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses meet the graphics and setting of Hades in this beautiful crossover artwork.

Fans have been creating some amazing fan works since the indie hit Hades first launched last year. One artist — a Vietnamese-American who goes by king — combined the roguelite title with another fan favorite, the strategy RPG Fire Emblem: Three House, in some gorgeous mockup gameplay screenshots. Said artwork features the Three Houses characters in the artstyle and setting of Hades:

Not only is the artwork itself stunning, but the characters fit surprisingly well with the aesthetic.

Fans have been crossing over other franchises with Hades as well, such as with God of War, and with other styles in general, such as the characters rocking the Techwear look. There’s also a gorgeous fan tarot card set fashioned after the cast.

This in-depth look into the artwork of Hades shows off the talent that went into creating such a gorgeous and vibrant world. JenZee, illustrator and concept artist currently working as Art Director at Supergiant Games, has created concept art and illustrations for projects such as BastionGaia Online, A Game of ThronesLord of the RingsCall of Cthulhu, and Warhammer. The team at Supergiant also shared a short behind-the-scenes video giving us a look at the incredible voice actors who bring the characters’ to life.

Supergiant’s latest masterpiece has already seen a huge success, selling more than 1,000,000 copies just a week after launch and already selling around 700,000 copies in early access. Hades initially launched through early access in December 2018 and since then, we’ve had updates that include The Long Winter in which brought Demeter, the Goddess of Seasons, into the game and also new boons, Guan Yu, a unique new aspect for the Eternal Spear and a fishing rod that allows players to fish in the Underworld.

Hades is out now on Nintendo Switch and PC. If you’re interested in getting to know a little more about this roguelike game, make sure to check out our glowing review, in which we gave it a perfect score. In fact we loved it so much that it took the throne for the DualShockers Game of the Year Awards 2020 in a near unanimous staff vote.