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Product Description

Introducing our Wii U Gamepad and Remote Charger Station, your ultimate solution for uninterrupted gaming. This sleek station features dual charging docks, compatible with motion controllers, to charge both devices at the same time. With 2800mAh rechargeable batteries, you’ll enjoy long-lasting power. The USB cable is included for easy connectivity, and the compact design saves space on your desk. Our charging station is designed specifically for use with Wii U Gamepad and Remote, ensuring compatibility, and an adapter and power supply are included. Get your hands on this replacement pack today and enjoy hassle-free gaming!

User Guide:

1.Connect the charger station to a power supply using the included adapter.

2.Plug in the USB cable into the charger station and connect it to your Wii U Gamepad or Remote.

3.Place your Wii U Gamepad and Remote on the charging docks, ensuring they are properly aligned with the charging pins.

4.The LED indicator light will turn red when the devices are charging and green when fully charged.

5.Once fully charged, remove your Wii U Gamepad and Remote from the charging docks and unplug the charger station from the power supply for future use.


★Demention: 5.7*4.72*2.2 inches

★Total Weight: 9.1 ounces

★Color: White

★Battery Type: Ni-MH battery

★Battery Capaticy: 2800mAh

★Output: DC 5V(Dock)

★Material: Plastic & Metal

Package Content:

1* Charging Station

2* Rechargeable Battery

1* USB Charging Cord


▲ Power source requires 5V/2A input.

▲ Used for regular size Nintendo Wii remote/ remote plus controller & WII Gamepad.
⚡Enjoy long-lasting power with the 2800mAh rechargeable batteries, included with the station. Replace old battery packs easily for uninterrupted gaming.
⚡Connect your Wii U Gamepad and Remote to the charger station easily with the replaceable USB cable, eliminating cord fuss. Swap out if damaged.
⚡The charging station’s compact design takes up minimal space, fitting seamlessly on your desk or entertainment center with its sleek look.
⚡Our charging station is designed for use with Wii U Gamepad and Remote, ensuring flawless performance without compatibility issues. Adapter and power supply are included.

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