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Product Description

JAMSWALL Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

How to connect 360 console ?How to connect 360 console ?

Reasons to choose this 360 controller:

Compatible with Xbox 360 and PC Windows 10/ 8/7 systems360-degree omni-directional control, rapid rebound and higher accuracyUse up to four controllers simultaneously on one consoleTwo analog joystick is very sensitive and precise, make sure you accurately control and actBuilt-in dual vibration motors, give you strong and realistic feedbackPlug and play, enables maximum comfort and endless gameplay




Cross key:

Fast directional movement is more sensitive, the cross direction key rebounds and feels good, increases the accuracy of the operation, and ensures that the gap around the key is even and the feel is very clear

Precise 360 joystick

Realize personalized control and ergonomic experience. The design of the operating lever is improved to reduce operating errors and effectively avoid misoperation caused by finger shaking

Ergonomic button layout

A/B/X/Y and direction buttons adopt mirror polishing technology, the appearance is atmospheric, the button layout accords with the ergonomic design, just in line with the sliding radius of the thumb, has a comfortable user experience, and the buttons are full Comfortable




Open Battery Cover

Press the top button lightly and the battery case will open automatically. If you need to use it on a PC, you need to wireless receiver(not included)

Good hand feel, fits finger curve design

It has a comfortable hand feel, unique curved design that fits the finger curve, comfortable and not easy to slip when pressed. It can accurately control the brake and throttle in the racing game, bringing a delicate gaming experience

Dual action feedback

The trigger action motor adopts a new design, and the finger touches the feedback accurately, making the weapon, impact and action experience realistic, Ergonomic design and high quality materials for a comfortable feeling, you will not tired even playing all the time.


Warm Notice

1) 2 AA batteries: Using this wireless xbox 360 controller need to install 2pcs AA batteries, NOT INCLUDED in the package.

2) Controller Receiver: Using our xbox 360 wireless controller, you need to buy receiver, NOT INCLUDED in the package.

3) XBOX ONE:This xbox 360 wireless controller is a third-party controller, and NOT compatible with xbox one.


How to connect 360 console ?

1. Turn on the 360 console and controller. Long press the function button until the indicator flashes. The function button is the key in the center of the controller.

2. Press the connection button on the console. On the original console it is located next to the memory card slot; On the 360S, it is next to the USB interface; On the 360E, it is located next to the panel.

3. Press the paring button on the controller. It is located at the top of the controller.

4. Wait until the indicator light flashes at the same time, indicating that the controller has been successfully connected to the game console.

🎮 [Compatibility] Wireless Controller for Xbox 360 & 360 Slim and PC Windows 10/8/7 , Delivering a Consistent and Universal Gaming Experience. (Package Contents:Wireless Controller*1)Note: Pairing with a PC Requires a 360 Receiver.
🎮 [Ergonomic Design] Streamlined and compact design better fits the player’s hand, gaining totally comfortable gaming experience. Feature with adjustable vibration feedback, beneficial to longer battery life, and bring more realistic game experience.
🎮 [Enhanced Game Controller Buttons] Enhanced 360 Wireless Remote controller designed with new left and right trigger buttons and more sensitive joysticks and buttons,Precise thumbsticks, two pressure-point triggers, and an 8-way directional pad – Respond quickly to player commands without delay.
🎮 [Xbox 360 Wireless Controller] Bluetooth wireless technology with 30-foot range Use up to four controllers simultaneously on one console. No wires, no mess, no hassle. Just wirelessly connect to your device and get to the gaming.
🎮 [Play Where You Want] This Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is suitable for all kinds of games, whether it is a racing game, a shooting game or a level game, it can make you feel different and wonderful.

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