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Product Description

gaming headsetgaming headset


This is an upgraded version of the PHOINIKAS G2000 headset, which is designed by combining wired gaming headsets and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless music headsets. In the original cool design, it will give you new surprises. PHOINIKAS earphones can be widely used in daily life to meet the needs of customers for earphones under different conditions.

At home, you can use the wired gaming mode (same as the traditional G2000 wired gaming headset) to immerse yourself in the game. It has extensive compatibility, and you can use it on most gaming devices (3.5 mm interface).When going out, it is recommended that you use the Bluetooth wireless mode, the simple and stylish appearance is also very suitable for carrying out. You can enjoy music, call, watch movies, sports, etc.

gaming headsetgaming headset

Wired Gaming Headset Mode:

PHOINIKAS G2000 BT wired gaming headset Support PS4, PS4 Pro/Slim, New Xbox one, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, iPad, Smartphones. Please note that you need an extra Microsoft Adapter(Not Included) while connecting with the old version Xbox one controller.


Multi-platform compatibility: suitable for game devices with 3.5mm interface (some devices require additional adapters);Noise reduction microphone: external detachable microphone, active noise reduction, focus on the sound you want to hear;50mm large aperture driver: Provides high-fidelity stereo and deep bass;Comfortable design: suitable for long time playing games;

gaming headsetgaming headset

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless music headsets:

PHOINIKAS G2000 BT wireless music headset supports laptops, tablets, iPads, and smart phones. It can be used by connecting Bluetooth.


Compatibility: Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablet, smart TV, etc.;12 hours of use time: enjoy the long journey brought by uninterrupted music;Simple operation: you only need to connect to Bluetooth to use, no need to download other software;Unique appearance design: The button is located on the outside of the earmuffs, which increases the cooling effect of the earphones and is also very suitable for carrying;

gaming headsetgaming headset


Product Details:

Product Type: Dynamic Earphone

Speaker size: 50mm

Microphone impedance: 16Ω

Battery capacity: 600mh

Charging time: 3 hours

Life time: 12 hours

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Headphone jack: 3.5mm

PHOINIKAS G2000 BT Gaming Headset

Designed and developed by the world’s top professional team. The new PHOINIKAS G2000 BT headset adopts a proprietary design, continuous innovation, and a variety of functions designed to meet more customer needs. Provides clarity, excellent audio quality and good noise isolation, so that you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of the headset.

For PC, a 3.5mm jack splitter cable is needed (Included)

For old Xbox one controller, extra microsoft adapter is needed (Not Included)

For the PS4 controller, please enter the system settings, select “Output to Headphones” in “Peripherals” and change it to “All Audio”.

For mobile phones/ipads/laptops, just turn on the Bluetooth function to connect;

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

***Incomparable Comfort Design***

Meets the highest standards in ergonomic design, the xbox one headset employs elastic headband design for different head sizes. Built from premium materials, you can enjoy the ultra-soft and breathable memory-protein earmuffs, do well in breathe freely and absorbent.

***7.1 Stereo Surround Sound***

The high-precision 50mm driver unit on the headset can provide you with clear and powerful sound and unprecedented 3D surround sound. It provides wonderful and shocking sound when using the headset, which can help you immerse yourself in the world of the headset.

***Product Packaging***

The PHOINIKAS G2000 BT gaming headset adopts a simple packaging design, which can be given as a gift to friends, lovers, and family. The headset packaging includes: gaming headset/USB charging cable/instruction manual/3.5mm audio cable.

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

gaming headsetgaming headset

***Simple Key Operation***

In Bluetooth wireless mode, you can control music more easily with buttons. The simple control method is clear at a glance, there is no wire constraint, and it is more convenient to wear when traveling. We have added the “one-key turn on/off 7.1sound” function on the original basis, and switch your voice anytime, anywhere.

***Detachable Noise Reduction Mic***

The updated detachable noise reduction microphone, whether you use wired game mode or wireless Bluetooth mode, you can have an external microphone with high-quality noise reduction function to better transmit clear communication and pick up your voice.

***Cool Lighting Design***

The lighting design makes the gaming headset more gaming atmosphere, if you want to get a low-key casual Bluetooth headset when you go out, you can also turn off the light.

➤WIRED GAMING HEADSET FUNCTION: In wired mode, G2000 BT gaming headset supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. Please note that you will need an additional Microsoft adapter (not included) when connecting with an older Xbox One controller. The 3.5mm connector will provide you with max compatibility.
➤WIRELESS BLUETOOTH FUNCTION: G2000 over ear headphone, Bluetooth mode can only be used to connect Smart Phone/Laptop/Tablet. Bluetooth mode is only for travel or work, such as: listening to music, watching movies, video calls, etc., it will not And then have the function of connecting game equipment.
➤ONE-BUTTON 7.1 STEREO SOUND: G2000 BT gaming headset high-precision 50mm magnetic neodymium magnetic driver, excellent environmental noise isolation and 7.1 stereo channel function, on the earmuffs, you only need one button to switch to 7.1 Sound.
➤DETACHABLE INDEPENDENT NOISE-CANCELLING MIC: Xbox one headset uses microphone and headset separation technology, the microphone is designed as an independent detachable microphone, whether in wired game mode or wireless Bluetooth music mode, you can have an external microphone.
➤EXCELLENT HUMANIZED DESIGN: High-quality and comfortable breathable protein ear pads, multi-nod head beams, conform to ergonomic standards, and can reduce hearing impairment and sweat. The skin-friendly leather material can extend the wearing time. The earmuffs flash with dazzling LED lights, highlighting the atmosphere of the game.

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